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HouseRep Program

About the HouseRep Program

The HouseRep program is a unique opportunity offered by Sachlav IsraelontheHouse that allows you to get yourself back to Israel for Free while at the same time sharing the gift of a Birthright Israel trip with your friends and family!

CREATE ACCOUNT             HouseRep Login

houserepfinal The way it works is simple:

  • For every 5 successful referrals that you submit, we’ll give you $100. 10 = $200 , 15 = $300 etc.
  • Submit 8 successful referrals and we’ll bring you back to Israel.

And don’t worry if you can’t think of 8 people off the top of your head – you’ll have our help every step of the way. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to be successful, including marketing materials, recruitment strategies, and a partnership that will keep you motivated and on track.

Get Started

  • Create Account
  • Enter the names of anyone who wants to take part in a Free Birthright Israel trip
  • Anytime you have someone new to refer, just login and enter their name and contact details into your Account
  • Easily monitor the status of your referrals from your account
  • Watch your referral credits add up – and bingo …. you’re on your way back to Israel

How do I sign up to be a HouseRep?

Create an account and fill in the form. You will then be redirected to your HouseRep Account where you will be able to submit referrals.

How do I login to my HouseRep account?

Click on HouseRep Login at the top of this page and enter your username and password. Please make sure to check the “Staff Login” box.

How do I refer friends?

Login to your HouseRep account at the top of the page, make sure to check the terms and conditions box and you will then be able to enter your referrals.  Make sure to include their first and last name, email address and contact number. Important notes about Referrals:

  • All referrals must be submitted to your HouseRep account
  • You are credited for each successful referral  (provided the referral is unique and does not already exist in our database)
  • Referrals are identified by their unique email address and only those with correct email addresses are accepted as a referral ( therefore email field is mandatory)

How do I spread the Sach-Love and find friends to refer?

Firstly, never hesitate reaching out to us for helpful hints and suggestions along the way. Beyond that, be creative and use any method to reach out to your friends: Facebook, personal emails, Twitter, campus events, community events, Young Professional events, local synagogue, Youtube videos, promotional materials. You name it, you can do it!

When should I start making referrals?

Start referring right now! Once we have your referral’s details we will be in touch with them on a regular basis to update them about how and when to register with Sachlav|Israelonthehouse. If you wait too long to submit referrals then another HouseRep may beat you to it.  The first HouseRep to refer a friend will get the credit for that referral.

Until when can I submit referrals?

You can submit referrals right up until the day registration closes.  We will let you know nearer the time of the exact date but usually this happens anywhere between 2 weeks to 1 month after registration opens.  Summer registration usually opens during the beginning of February and Winter registration usually opens at the beginning of September.

Do my referrals carry over from season to season?

In most cases no. Referrals are not cumulative between seasons.However, in exceptional circumstances if HouseReps show determination and commitment, some exceptions may be made by the HouseRep Program Director.

Once I have referred my friends what next?

Once you have referred a friend, Sachlav|Israelonthehouse will be in touch with them to give them information about our registration for the season. But your job still continues, as you need to encourage your referrals and remind them to sign up on the day of registration. Remind them to keep an eye out for our emails, and tell them to check their spam folder in case important emails (including trip offers) en up there.

How do I know the status of my referrals?

When you are logged in to your Personal Trip Profile, next to every referral it will show their status.  Statuses are as follows: Pending = Referral is a potential applicant (potential credit) Exists = Referral already exists in our database or has been referred by another HouseRep (No credit) No email = Referral has no email and therefore no status can be assigned until an email address has been entered (potential credit) Registered = Referral has registered but not yet paid their deposit (potential credit) Deposited = Referral has registered and paid their deposit (potential credit) Ticketed = Referral has been assigned and ticketed on a trip (Credit) Ineligible = Referral in ineligible to participate on a trip (No credit)

When will I know if I've gotten my Free Trip back to Israel?

As soon as registration closes, we will notify you as to whether you have made the short list based on how many of your referrals have registered.  Once we have assigned all your referrals to trips, we will be in touch with you to find out your availability for your trip back to Israel.