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Israel Women's Activism

Earn 3 College Credits and get more out of your Birthright Israel experience with Birthright Israel: Study Abroad!

Birthright Israel: Study Abroad, run by, Sachlav: Israel On the House, is here to provide you with a once in a life time opportunity! The “Women’s Activism in Israel” course, accredited by Bar-Ilan University -one of the top award-winning Universities in Israel- will give you an impressive and captivating new perspective on the subject material. We assure you, you won’t want to miss it!

  • 2 more days in Israel than a standard Birthright Israel tour!
  • Earn 3 college credits from Bar-Ilan, a prestigious Israeli University
  • Learn from prominent professors in the study of Women’s Activism
  • Interact with Israeli society on a more in-depth level
  • Meet extremely influential women of Israeli society
  • Unearth all the trip focal points of a regular Birthright tour, and as always, much more!


About the Program:

Open to both men and women (18-26) worldwide!

Program dates:  December 24, 2017 – January 7, 2018
Program cost:
Just your $250 deposit!  
Program eligibility: 
In addition to other Birthright Israel requirements for acceptance, candidates will need a U.S 3.0 GPA (or internationally equivalent)  minimum grade requirement.
 For any questions regarding eligibility please contact

Israel is a modern and democratic society, with women rising to the top of their professional fields and holding the highest political positions well before much of the modern world. Birthright Israel: Study Abroad is giving you the opportunity to come and explore this subject within the Birthright Israel tour framework while earning university credits. This course takes you through the successes and challenges faced by women in Israel. You’ll meet activists and attend sessions with Bar-Ilan University’s top sociology, anthropology and gender studies experts. By exploring Israel through the lens of women’s activism, you’ll get a diverse and unconventional view of Israeli society.

What you get out of this educational opportunity:

  • 2 BONUS days in Israel- a total TWELVE DAY Birthright Israel experience!
  • 3 academic credits from Bar-Ilan University*
  • 45 academic hoursª of “field study” of international women’s activism
  • Lectures by, open conversations with and access to prominent internationally acclaimed professors in the field of women’s activism
  • Personal interactions with Israeli women and men participating on your tour for 5 days
  • International networking opportunities with field experts
  • Meet some of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv, the capital of “Start Up Nation”
  • Experience women’s activism from multiple religions’ perspectives and through a global lens
  • Visit the Knesset and meet extremely powerful female members of Israeli Parliament    
  • Learn more about generational divide and how it affects feminist activism
  • Get an exclusive tour of an active IDF army base and speak with the strong women serving in active duty

Transferable to most US Universities and Colleges.
ª45 academic hours is equivalent to 32 clock hours.

How does this program work?

Birthright Israel: Study Abroad is an alternative Birthright Israel educational experience where the coursework is integrated into your extended Birthright Israel trip itinerary. There is one classroom day at the Bar-Ilan University campus, academic touring together with your professors, and of course typical Birthright Israel adventures.

While flights and general programming are free as with any other Birthright Israel trip;  Birthright Israel: Study Abroad does come with a very nominal charge – only your $250 deposit!

Upon successful completion of the program you will be given an academic transcript for 3 credits from Bar-Ilan University. If you plan to transfer the credits to your own university, we highly recommend that you confirm that your university will accept the credits before attending this program. This is solely your responsibility as each university has their own terms and conditions for accepting transfer credits towards gaining a degree.




Day 1: WELCOME HOME! Hit the road running! Meet the CEO of Sachlav for a welcoming open session to introduce you to Israel and this amazing Birthright Israel- Study Abroad opportunity. Hike one of Israel’s most beautiful trails, and enjoy a delicious Israeli dinner.

DAY 2: GETTING STARTED: Have an orientation day with your superb Bar-Ilan professors learning more about what your “class” will look like and become better acquainted with the course syllabus and structure. Take in the the gorgeous views as you tour Old Jaffa port, learning about the community that still lives there today.

DAY 3: TEL-AVIV 360 Meeting with one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv, the capital of “Start Up Nation”. Then you will explore the sights, sounds and tastes of the internationally acclaimed Carmel Shuk.  After lunch there will be a tour of the active LGBTQA community of Tel Aviv. Round things off with a great night out on the town!

DAY 4: GEOPOLITICAL ISRAEL: Discover the Israeli female political perspective from many angles. Today you will learn about women’s grassroots activism efforts, will hear from Arab women and you will delve into the multicultural city of Haifa.

day 5 framed1DAY 5: MIND, BODY & SOUL Explore the narrow alleyways of the ancient city of Tzfat, one of Israel’s 3 holiest cities. Discover the secrets of Kabbalah with artist Avraham Leventhal. Climb one of the most historically significant mountains in the Jewish tradition. The there will be preparations for Shabbat and group shabbat dinner in your hotel.

DAY 6:  THE DAY OF REST Relax and take in the special Shabbat atmosphere. Traverse into your Jewish identity. Ending your day with an intellectual program speaking about hotbed topics relating to Israeli culture, society and feminism.

DAY 7:  2,000 YEARS OF WOMEN- Arrive in Jerusalem and meet women of many different Jewish religious perspectives. View the Old City from amazing vantage point understanding the geography of the city and its’ History. Visit the Kotel one of Judaism’s holiest sites and begin understand a different form of female empowerment with “The Women of the Wall”.    

DAY 8: GIRL POWER  Gain a brand new perspective and respect for the strong Israeli women through the eyes and stories of the women and other fallen soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force at Mount Herzl. A visit later in the day to the Knesset  you will meet with women serving their country in the Israeli Parliament.  

DAY 9: A DEEPER LOOK Today you will get a more in depth introduction to the Israeli Defense Force meeting with soldiers and having the unique experience of visiting  an active IDF army base. You will also get to meet and learn more about the women of the Jewish Ethiopian community. Discover what it takes to build community in the middle of the desert. Tour desert town, Yerucham and reach a better understanding of the trials and tribulations of desert living.

DAY 10: HIKING AND FLOATING AND CAMELS – OH MY! Begin your day hiking up one of Israel’s most famous trails to get up to the top of Massada. Test your buoyancy by floating on the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth 1,412 feet below sea level. Enjoy Bedouin hospitality and meet the women of their community and learn about the matriarchal roles in their culture.

DAY 11: CLOSING TIME… Head back to Bar-Ilan University to have a conclusions session for your Birthright Israel – Study Abroad course. Tie together all that you have witnessed, discovered and absorbed over the duration of your trip. Have shabbat prep-time in the hotel and begin to wind down and get into the relaxation mode. Enjoy shabbat meals and celebrations together in the hotel.

DAY 12: ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END Last day in Israel will be spent enjoying each others’ company and the atmosphere of Shabbat. Visit the Israel museum and museum’s diverse collections and exhibits of artifacts from Israel and around the world. As the sunsets marking the end of Shabbat so too, your trip comes to an end.


*Itinerary and Syllabus are subject to change