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13 Birthright Israel Moments Which Are So Much Better IRL

You’ve seen it on the gram, you’ve heard about it from friends, but some things you’ve just gotta do for yourself. If you’re a Jewish 20-something, going on Birthright Israel is one of those things. Here are some of the “magic moments”, epic sights and enriching experiences which are so much better IRL, but for now we’re serving them up for you in a blog!


1. The Birthright Israel Mega Event

It’s called “mega” for a reason. Prepare to see world famous performers, pyrotechnics, and maybe even the president! This event never lets the crowd down.

2. Heaps and heaps of jelly treats

They’re sold in abundance in the fresh food markets, and occupy their own food group in Israel. It’s totally acceptable to scoop up a 4 LB bag, as long as you share with your friends!

3. Really dirty people happy to be covered in mud

Nothing like coating your hide with nature’s best mineral mud pack. Just let it dry, rinse and repeat, and you will feel like a new person. #DeadSea #Bliss

4. Nature at its finest

Grottoes, waterfalls, caves, cliffs and canyons – Israel is the tiniest little country overflowing with natural beauty.

5. People our age in uniform

While the rest of us are at college, busy perfecting the art of all night study sessions, young Israelis are acting as their country’s first line of defense.

6. Purple Carrots

Yes,they exist and we felt they deserved a place on this list. They grow down south in the Negev desert, and are as sweet and crunchy as a regular carrot. #SaladTrail

7. Views Worth Waking up For

Climbing up Masada before sunrise might not feel like the best idea after staying up all night, but when you see the view? Trust me, you’ll forget the climb.

8. The Red Canyon

This spectacular canyon is in the Negev Desert in Eilat. It’s an amazing place to hike and explore, and if you’re luck you might spot an ibex¬†(mountain goat) or Hyrax (rock rabbit).

9. A dozen salads & dips with every meal, including breakfast

Prepare to enjoy matbucha, babaganush, hummus, tehini, pickled carrots, spicy chilis, roasted peppers, fried eggplant, Israeli salad etc etc… all before the actual meal arrives!

10. Jerusalem in all its glory

There are many amazing cities to explore, but there’s no denying that there’s something special about Jerusalem. A magnificent melting pot of religions, cultures and shared history.

11. The most delicious thing you will ever taste

Yes, that is said with the utmost confidence. They might not look like much, but these rugelach (rolled pastry with chocolate filling) from Marzipan Bakery in the Mahane Yehuda market are simply to die for.

12. Behind the scenes of Bedouin culture

This is where you get to interact with Bedouins, sleep in a traditional tent the desert, camel ride, eat Bedouin cuisine and hear stories of nomadic life.

13. The look on your friends’ face when they see the Western Wall for the first time

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