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5 Unusual Facts About Birthright Israel

1. 80% of all participants are from the USA and Canada


Even though Birthright Israel trips are available to participants from across the globe, and groups from 64 countries have participated, the USA and Canada still account for the most participants.

2. One man has pledged over $250 million to Birthright Israel


Although trips are funded by the support of over 30 000 donors, the government of Israel, and Jewish Federations, Sheldon Adelson has played a fundamental role in making Birthright Israel as big as it is today.

3. If you go on a Birthright Israel trip you’re more likely to marry a Jewish spouse


It’s a fact. A study was conducted among young Jewish adults by Brandeis University which found that among Birthright participants 72 percent will marry Jewish spouses, compared with 51 percent among non-participants. The same study found that 25% of Birthright Israel alumni marry other Birthright alumni!

4. There have been some interesting niche trips along the way


Over the years trip organizers have gotten more and more imaginative with their trip options. Some examples: a trip for recovering addicts, a trip for cyclists,  entrepreneurs, singles, baseball players, chefs, medical students and yoga enthusiasts. The list goes on!

5. It’s free


This might be the most obvious point on our list, but it’s also the most unusual! We’ve become so used to the idea of Birthright Israel giving away free trips to Israel that it’s easy to forget how weird it actually is. The trip is worth about $3000 per person. If you ask me, I’d say that’s an unusually generous gift…

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