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Israel in 7 Days

Can’t get time off work or school? That’s no longer a reason not go on a Birthright Israel trip. Sachlav now offers an exclusive 7 day Birthright Israel trip option which includes “Tel Aviv Your Way”, a full-day program which gives you optimal time in Tel Aviv with the freedom to choose how you spend your time.

Over the course of days you’ll get all the best of Birthright Israel, plus the value added extras to make your short time in Israel that much more meaningful. Don’t let the gift of a free trip to Israel pass you by, take advantage of an opportunity that suits your schedule, and offers you the full trip experience.



DAY 1: 

Upon landing at Ben Gurion airport, we will travel to Ben Shemen forest for a welcoming session, and then on to Caesarea  National Park for a group opening session. We will then drive to the ancient kabbalistic city of Safed where you will have the choice of 3 different tours: Kabbalah & Art; Tikun Olam & Volunteering; or Culinary Learning.

Overnight in the North


DAY 2: 

Enjoy a breathtaking view from atop Mount Arbel, then make a stop at its famous ancient synagogue. Stop for lunch in Tiberius before taking a kayaking trip down the Jordan River. Drive to Jerusalem, rest and then gather for a group candle lighting, traditional Kabbalat Shabbat, dinner and oneg.


Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 3: 

Enjoy a late leisurely breakfast and an optional city walk and tour of the Israel Museum. Gather for a delicious Shabbat lunch, and then spend the afternoon relaxing around the pool. Take a walk to the Old City and visit the Kotel. Enjoy a night out in Jerusalem.


Overnight in Jerusalem


DAY 4: 

Start the day with a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Meuseum, to pay your respects and discover the stories of victims and survivors. After lunch, drive to the Dead Sea to experience the natural mineral-rich mud and float in its salty waters. End the day with a BBQ at the home of Sachlav CEO.


Overnight in Jerusalem


DAY 5: 

Get a crash course in Israeli politics with renowned speaker Neil Lazarus. Visit Mt Hertzl, the state cemetery for fallen soldiers. Take a lunchtime tour of the famous Machane Yehuda Market, then drive to Tel Aviv for an evening tour of Jaffa and dinner at the popular middle eastern restaurant, Gueta.


Overnight in Tel Aviv


DAY 6: 

Take your pick between 3 different Tel Aviv tours: Grafitti & Street Art; New & Old Tel Aviv; or Tel Aviv Noir. Enjoy an afternoon on the beach, and an evening culinary tour together with a scrumptious dinner. After dinner you’ll get to head out for a taste of Tel Aviv’s famous nightlife.


Overnight in Tel Aviv


DAY 7: 

Visit Independence Hall and stand in the same room where the State of Israel was declared. Reflect on the last week spent in Israel with a group closing session, and then leave for the airport, or bid farewell to your group if you are staying in Israel to extend your trip.