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Culture Shock: 8 Differences Between Israelis and Americans

Israel is a melting pot of cultures, with immigrants from around the globe coming together to call it home. With such a diverse population, it seems Israelis have created their own way of doing things. American tourists are often hit with an initial culture shock when they realize the extent of the differences between Israelis and Americans. 1. Being casual vs formal Would you wear jeans to a wedding, or flip flops to a job interview? In America you probably wouldn't think of it, but in Israel you could. Israeli culture is casual. Whether it's how Israelis dress for different occasions, or the way they interact with people in authority, they are generally casual people, and often see formality as unnecessary and even insincere. This is one of those differences between Israelis and Americans which will always be there, no matter what dress code is written on the invitation! via GIPHY 2. Being polite vs saying it how it is Israelis generally don't waste time candy coating an read more

February 14, 2019

Inspirational Israeli Women

On International Women's Day, we'd like to take a moment to honor some of the Israeli women who inspire us, and let me tell you, there are so many. Israel is overflowing with people who are achieving incredible things in all fields. Whether it's in business, politics, entertainment, philanthropy, or just life in general, these girls are doing it right! If we listed them all, you'd be here for a very long time, so here are a handful of Israeli women to get you inspired to do the things you dream of. Stav Shaffir She's 28 years old, making her the youngest member of Knesset (parliament). She started her political career by initiating a protest about the high cost of living in Israel which became Israel's biggest-ever social protest. Gal Gadot Do we need to introduce her? The Wonder Woman star is doing us proud. The movie is the biggest live action box office hit by a female director, and to date has made over 800 million at the box office. Dr Kira Radinsky She's 30 years ol read more

August 23, 2017

10 Weird Things You’ll Only See in Israel

1. Off-duty soldiers with weapons IDF soldiers get the occasional weekend off, and when they do, they're not allowed to just stash their M16s under their pillows. So what do they do? They take them to the beach, mall, park, or wherever else they may wish to go. 2. Bus stop libraries No return dates, no late fees, no angry librarians... The system is based 100% on trust and generosity. You borrow a book from the shelf, you return it. You've got a few spare books lying around at home? You put them on the shelf at your nearest bus stop library for the next person to enjoy. 3. "I'm Jewish, wanna check?" printed  men's underwear Well, you can't deny that the market is overflowing with potential customers... 4. Live chickens being swung over people's heads [embed][/embed] For anyone unfamiliar with the traditional kaparot ceremony done before Yom Kippur - this is as strange as it can get. The idea is that the chicken is supp read more

January 6, 2017

Israeli Slang 101

Coming to Israel? Well then it's time to brush up on your Hebrew / Israeli slang! We've put together 14 of the most commonly used and easy to remember¬†phrases for you, so here it goes: 1. Sababa Meaning: Cool, chilled, great, right on Example: Hanging out on the beach in Tel Aviv is "Sababa"   2. Al ha panim Meaning: Literally translates to "on the face" but in slang it means you don't feel good or something is old, tired, not great or tasteless Example: Yesterdays tuna sandwich now tastes "al ha panim" or after going out last night I feel "al ha panim"   3. Arsim and Frechot Meaning: The Israeli equivalent of these types of people - "Frecha" is for a female, "Ars" is for a male. Example: think fake tan, extra long bedazzled nails, animal print, muscle tops, and diamond jewelry for men   4. Combina Meaning: Something "under the table" or "off the record" or acquired only through connections. Also means using an item for someth read more

October 23, 2014