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Flights & Baggage

Important Flight Information


  • You must be at the departure airport a full 5 hours before your trip
  • You must depart with the group from the departure airport stated in your Trip Offer
  • Participants must return back to the airport stated in their Trip Offer
  • Your counselors will provide you with information about your airport meeting point 2 weeks prior to departure
  • All flight times stated are the local times respective of the departure / arrival cities
  • Participants are responsible for getting themselves to the airport of departure at their own expense
  • All flight meals are strictly kosher
  • To order a special meal for the plane, please send an email to stating one of the following options: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Lactose Intolerant. Please note that should a special meal be requested on any airline, other than EL AL, the meal is no longer kosher


Participants with connecting flights

You MUST make sure that your connecting flight arrives into your departure airport (stated in your Trip Offer) at least 5hrs before the flight departs. You must take into consideration flight delays, luggage collection etc. Please note that flight times sometimes change and we do encourage all participants to check the online flight schedules for your departure airline before booking any connecting flights.

Any participant whose connecting flight does not arrive in 5 hrs before their Birthright Israel Flight departs, may be removed from the flight.


Canceling your return flight ticket

  • If you do not intend to use your return flight to the USA, you MUST notify us prior to departure from the USA or Canada by emailing Failure to notify us will result in the loss of your deposit.
  • To cancel your return flight once you are in Israel you must contact the airline on your own at least 2 days prior to the scheduled return date.  (For flights on Swiss Air or US Air contact Signal tours or Gil Travel.) Failure to notify us, or the airline (once in Israel), will result in the loss of your deposit.


Canceling your return domestic flight ticket

(only applicable to participants whose flight connects through a US/Canadian stopover)

    • Forfeiting a domestic return flight is possible, however, it must be done via the Gil Travel website a minimum of 10 days before departure from USA.
    • You must receive approval and acknowledgement from Gil Travel that your ticket has been amended according to your request and subject to applicable fees. If you do not receive confirmation of the change and do not show up for your domestic flightyour deposit will be forfeited.


Please note that a return flight with a connection in Europe cannot be canceled. You are NOT permitted to get off and stay in the European city on a Birthright Israel Ticket. The airlines have clearly specified that a stopover is not permitted. Those who do not comply, will forfeit their deposit.


Extending your Flight Ticket

If you wish to extend your flight ticket, please click here.

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Baggage Allowances

Please refer to your airline below for specific baggage allowances and weight restrictions.

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