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Summer Trip Registration is NOW OPEN!


Registration for Summer 2020 Trips is OPEN

The Complete Guide to apply



If registration has opened skip to step 3.


  • Sign up – Click ”SIGN UP” here or in the main menu to create an account with Birthright Israel. Opening an account (providing Birthright Israel with your basic details) grants you Priority Placement Status. This means that you are able to register a few days earlier than other applicants, and that we place you at the top of the list for your desired trip dates, along with people who have registered in previous seasons, or people who are about to reach Birthright Israels maximum age limit.
  • Choose Friends – Once you have opened an account, be sure to complete the ”Travel With Friends” section on our Homepage. It is really important that you submit your friends’ details ASAP to ensure that you will travel together on the same trip.

Important Info:

Be sure to register with the same email address as you used to open your account, as this will keep all your information in sync and up to date.

Set a Reminder


Trips are offered in both summer and winter, and registration for both takes place twice a year for a limited period. We encourage you to make a note of the upcoming registration dates to avoid disappointment:

Winter 2019 / 2020 Trips:  Registration is now closed
Summer 2020 Trips:  Registration is now OPEN

Complete Application


The registration form will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete – if you don’t finish filling it in on the spot you can always log back in and complete it later. When registration is open, you can access the registration form by clicking the ”Register” button in the main menu bar.

Upon completion of your registration form you will be issued a username and password for a Personal Trip Profile. When logging into your profile you will be able to select trips dates, tell us your meal preferences, connect with your trip staff and invite more friends to your group.

In order to register, you will also be required to pay a $250 refundable deposit – this is required by Birthright Israel to assure them of your intention to come on a trip. This money will then be refunded to you after your trip, however if for some reason you are unable to come on a trip there will be numerous opportunities to claim it back beforehand.

We highly recommend that you complete your entire registration form and pay your deposit as soon as possible to improve your chances of being selected for the trip you want.

Quick Chat


Shortly after completing your registration form and paying your trip deposit we will conduct a short telephone interview with you. Within your Personal Trip Profile you will receive instructions about scheduling your telephone interview. This interview is to simply confirm the information you provided in your registration form and get to know you a little better – really nothing to worry about! Interviews typically take place between 2 to 4 weeks after registration, but if you don’t hear from us right away, don’t panic, just remember that these things take timeand the order in which we contact you has no relationship to the trip assignment process.


Fly to Israel


You’re almost there!

After you’ve passed the first 4 steps and we have finalized all the groups, if we are able to allocate you a spot on a trip you will receive your Trip Offer by email. You will then have 48 hours to either accept or decline it. Once you’ve accepted the offer, you’ll be on your way to Israel!  Trip Offers are usually sent out between 4 to 6 weeks after registration and are offered in chronological order depending on the departure dates, so please hang tight.

Please note, if we are unable to offer you a space on a trip, you will be notified by email.

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