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Birthright Israel provides the gift of first time, peer group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26. Birthright Israel operates on a belief that it is every Jewish person’s birthright to visit Israel. To date, over 600,000 young adults from 52 countries have travelled to Israel for the first time on Birthright Israel trips. More info regarding Birthright Israel

Young adults of Jewish descent who are between 18-26 years old (for standard Birthright Israel trips), or between ages 27-32 (for Birthright Israel for young professionals), who have not been on organized trips to Israel after the age of 18. At least one parent must be Jewish and participants must not practice another religion. Participants must additionally be post-high school and may not currently be learning in Yeshiva or a full-time Jewish studies program. You are still eligible if you have been to Israel before on your own or with family.  More info regarding eligibility

Over 25,500 people just like you have chosen IsraelontheHouse for their Birthright Israel trip. Why? Because an IsraelontheHouse trip guarantees you the best 10 days imaginable, because we go to the extreme to let you see, do, and feel it all in Israel. No matter your background, level of religious observance, or knowledge about Israel, we invite you to join us for 10 days of magic touring the land of Israel. More about Why Us

A Birthright Israel trip involves 10 days of action packed and extensive touring of all major cities and tourist sites in Israel. In addition to sightseeing, the program also includes interactive discussions, cultural and adventure activities, and social gatherings. Want a sneak peak? Take a look at our Virtual Road Trip.

Birthright Israel: IsraelontheHouse trips include roundtrip airfare (from designated cities), hotel accommodations, transportation in air conditioned tour busses, tour guide, trip staff including medic/security guard, all site entries and activities, and two meals a day. You are advised to bring spending money for lunches, snacks, drinks, tips, gifts and souvenirs.

We’re non-denominational and open to all, which means that you will find a mix of Jews from all backgrounds on our trips. In addition to this, we also try to have an even mix of male and female participants on a bus, and also divide our trips into age groups and trip options. More about our Trip Options

Our trips are non-denominational which means we have a mix of both secular, traditional and religious participants. Keeping in line with Birthright Israel’s goal to be as inclusive as possible, all food provided on the trip is kosher, and we don’t travel on Shabbat. No one is forced to observe Shabbat, however we do ask participants to be respectful of others around them. Israelonthehouse provides opportunities for participants to experience spirituality, Jewish life, culture and heritage, but does not pressure anyone into taking part in any religious element of the trip

Official Trip Registration is open for a few weeks in February and in September each year. When registration is open you are able to apply by simply scrolling to the top of the page and clicking the 'Register' button, which will direct you to the registration form on the Birthright Israel website. If registration is closed, you are able to Open an Account with Birthright Israel by clicking the 'Sign Up' button at the top of the page. Opening an account before official registration opens grants you "priority placement status" for all up-coming trips. However, you are still required to complete the official registration form upon official registration opening.

Unfortunately, yes.  However, you should make sure that you register with the same email address that you used previously to ensure you are given a priority status.  

Your Personal Trip Profile is the place where all the organizational aspects of your trip happen. It will be your main source of info regarding your trip, and will also be your means of finalizing all your trip details. You will be able to request everything from your in flight meal to the friends you travel with in this manner, and also access important info such as your flight times, packing list, the details of your group leaders and your exact trip itinerary.  To access your Personal Trip Profile click the “MY TRIP LOGIN” button in the right hand corner of the screen. Please note you will only have access to your Personal Trip Profile upon registering for a trip.

Yes, there are various trip options to choose from. Visit Our Trips page to learn more about which options are available to you.

Safety and security are our top priority. Safety is enhanced by the fact that we are in a structured environment. We use our own tour buses as opposed to public transportation. Itineraries are carefully planned out according to safety and security concerns. Group leaders and guides are equipped at all times with cell phones and GPS and can be reached 24/7 by our head office. In accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Education guidelines, each Sachlav IsraelontheHouse Birthright trip is accompanied by a fully-trained Israeli armed guard/medic that is with the group at all times. Also, as required byBirthright Israel rules and regulations, there is no unsupervised free time in public areas. Learn more

Our winter trips run during the months of December, January, February and March. Our Summer trips run during the the months of May, June, July and August.  You can view up-coming trip dates here.

Yes, of course! There's room for you, your friends and family! By simply entering your friends names on the "Tell Your Friends" form on our Homepage you will be inviting them and notifying us of your intention to travel together.  

A deposit is required in order to show your intention and commitment to participate in the program. The deposit is refunded either upon successful completion of the trip or, if you are not offered a flight, your deposit is returned at your request or at the end of the season for which you have applied.  

At the end of the season, you have the option of requesting your deposit back or you can keep your deposit in our registry and it can be used for 2 consecutive seasons.  Please note: If you cancel your trip after the 65 day deadline your deposit will be forfeited and you will need to submit another deposit for a future trip.  If you have any questions regarding this, please send an email to info@israelonthehouse.com.  

For those applicants who have Opened an Account with Birthright Israel before registration opening or are re-applying for a following season, you are given priority status.  This means that we will prioritize you and your friends on the trips that you have chosen. Registration will also open a few days earlier for you, allowing you to beat the rush.  

You will receive a welcome email which includes a login to your Personal Trip Profile.  Within your Personal Trip Profile, you will be able to invite friends you wish to travel with, upload a profile pic, edit your personal contact details, upload a copy of your passport and find information regarding your personal telephone interview.   More info regarding registration

No problem. Simply log back in to your application and on the summary page, you will see the trip organizer you have chosen at the bottom. If you have chosen another organizer by accident, you can simply change your selection by clicking into the box.  You will then need to change the relevant trip choice contained under section 5.

We never know the exact date Birthright Israel will close registration.  It can depend on a number of factors, but mainly on the number of applicants that have applied and if there is still room on the trips.  However, typically registration is open for at least 2 weeks.  

Once you have completed your application, you will receive a welcome email from us confirming that we have received your application and letting you know the next steps.  If for some reason you do not receive this email and have applied with us, please send an email to info@israelonthehouse.com and we will get back to you.  

Sachlav IsraelontheHouse will contact you via email to let you know whether or not you have been accepted on the trip.  Please be sure to check your email regularly (including spam and junk) and make sure you have added our email address to your safe sender list.  If you have been accepted, you will receive a Trip Offer via email (usually within a few days of applying). You are able to accept or decline your Trip Offer via your Personal Trip Profile. Important:  If your email address that you put on your application has changed please make sure to update this information under the edit profile section of your Personal Trip Profile.  

Apply NOW!  All participants must have valid travel documents (passport, Green Card, visa, etc.) in order to participate on a Birthright Israel: IsraelontheHouse program. Passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the last day of your return date. We need to have a copy of your VALID passport at least 50 days before your scheduled departure date or you may be removed from the trip and forfeit your deposit. More info regarding Passport & Travel Docs

Participants are responsible for getting to the gateway departure city on their own. Birthright Israel and IsraelontheHouse do not pay for any expenses related to this.  

It is mandatory for all Birthright Israel participants to have extended health insurance for the duration of the trip which is valid in Israel.  This insurance must cover you for pre-existing medical conditions overseas, and medical emergencies overseas. Without this, you won’t be allowed to travel!  In our experience, most US medical insurance plans only cover for emergencies and urgent care outside of the United States which is not sufficient in accordance with Birthright’s rules.  Additionally MOST U.S. medical insurance plans, do not cover for lost luggage, flight delays, or stolen property. We highly recommend that you purchase a full travel insurance policy through our recommended Insurer, CTAS .  The policy covers you for all of instances mentioned above, and without having to pay any money out of pocket (which means no deductibles!).   More info on Health Insurance

You can either email us at info@israelonthehouse.com or, if you have a Personal Trip Profile, you can simply login to your profile by clicking on My Trip Login at the top of the page and edit your contact details.

The itinerary will be available through your Personal Trip Profile about 1 month before your trip. You can view a sample itinerary here.

Should you be accepted on a trip and you need to cancel, you will need to do so by sending an email to info@israelonthehouse.com by the cancellation deadline to avoid forfeiting your deposit.  The cancellation deadline is 65 days before your trip departure. Exact cancellation deadlines can be found in your Trip Offer.

After you have successfully completed the trip, you will receive an email from Birthright Israel upon your return to the US (usually around 4 days after you return) with instructions on how to activate your deposit refund.  If you have not been offered a trip and you wish to have your deposit refunded, please send an email to info@israelonthehouse.com.  

If you can’t go on the dates that you were offered, there is no way to postpone your trip. You will need to reapply for the following season. As a returning applicant, you will have priority and we will do our best to offer you a trip.  

You will find details of your American Trip Staff (Counselors)  within your Personal Trip Profile, usually around 1 month before the trip.  If you have any questions before then, you can call the office on 888-995-6359 or email info@israelonthehouse.com  

A typical trip consists of 40 participants, 2 American trip staff (counselors), a tour-guide and an armed guard/medic.  The group is also joined by 8 Israeli Soldiers/Students for half of the trip.  

Unfortunately, that is not possible. All participants are required to fly out of the United States to Israel together.  

Yes. All food on the trip is kosher.  

You will receive your airline ticket at the airport from your trip  counselors.  

Unfortunately not.  All participants must stay with the group until they depart to the airport for their return flight home.Birthright Israel requires that all participants partake in all activities for the entire duration of the trip. If you are planning on staying on or travelling to another destination, you must make sure that your planned departure is after the departure time of your group.  

We have various opportunities available for those who wish to extend their trips. Please visit our extensions page to learn more about Birthright Plus, Interning abroad, and flight ticket changes.

Our IsraelontheHouse itinerary is jam packed from morning till night. There will certainly be some down time on the trip (especially during journeys between different parts of the country and sites) and we suggest that you use this time to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. You will have up to 2 Free nights out. During your free nights out, your friends and family are more than welcome to come and hang out with you at your group’s designated area.  

We have an action packed itinerary and we are constantly on the move. However, during those evenings when your program finishes early, you may invite your family / friends to visit you at your hotel (with permission from your tourguide). You may also invite your friends / family to join you on your free nights out (see above). In accordance with Birthright rules, you are not allowed to leave your group under any circumstances.  

Check out our packing list.  Additionally, you should check out your airline’s weight restrictions and baggage size.

If you plan on bringing electrical appliances, please keep in mind that Israel uses a 230 volt electrical current. Therefore you may need to bring a voltage converter for certain appliances (laptops usually have this built in). You will also need an adapter to plug items into the wall (usually a two circular prong).  

The currency in Israel is the Shekel. View current exchange rates. Most places accept American credit-cards and ATMs are widely available, however, we recommend bringing some cash with you to exchange upon arrival as some smaller, remote areas will not have these services. Spending money:  you will be provided with two meals a day (breakfast and dinner).  Lunch is on your own and is usually a quick and inexpensive stopover to buy a sandwich, salad, chips etc.  You may also want to purchase souvenirs. Tips: It is customary in Israel to tip your tourguide and bus driver at the end of the program.  The professional staff on the trip work round the clock to ensure the success of the program.  We recommend participants each bring $100 for 10-12 day trips and $70 for 7 day trips, which will then be divided between your tourguide / busdriver /security guard and medic.  Altogether, we recommend bringing around $250-$300 to include spending money, souvenirs and tip.  

You do not need any special vaccinations for visiting Israel. However, we do recommend you have an up-to-date tetanus shot. If you take any prescription medications you MUST make your counselors aware of these. We encourage you to include them on your carryon luggage together with your prescription.  

Israeli tap water is perfectly safe to drink. However, for those who preferred bottled water, your tour bus is stocked with large bottles of refrigerated mineral water that can be purchased at an extremely low price. We strongly suggest carrying a bottle of water to all activities as the weather can be extremely hot and the risk of dehydration (especially during the summer) is incredibly high.  

Depending on your location, there may be WIFI at your hotel. We advise participants not to bring personal computers as you will be extremely busy from morning until the night and will have very little time to use them.  Computers are also extremely valuable and we will not take any liability for loss or damage to such items.  We recommend renting an Israeli sim card with a data package, as this is the most reliable way of keeping in touch.  

Shabbat is a perfect time to rest and reflect on your experiences throughout the trip. Sachlav | IsraelontheHouse ensure that nothing in the program will force or encourage participants to violate the rules of Shabbat or any Jewish holidays that fall within the trip. We also expect participants to be respectful of other individuals' beliefs and levels of observance.  

Of course with every program comes a set of rules that are common for all Birthright Israel trips which must be followed very carefully.

  • Be on time for and participate in all program activities
  • Listen to and respect your counselors and tour guide
  • No illegal drugs
  • No drunkenness or excessive alcohol consumption
  • No leaving the group without authorized permission
  • No violent behavior or physical or verbal abuse of any kind

The following emergency line is only available for those who have relatives on a trip that is currently in Israel  and must NOT be used for any other reason other than an emergency situation.  Emergency line: 646-810-3873  

Send an email to: info@israelonthehouse.com or call us on 888-995-6359  

We are in close contact with Israel’s Ministry of Health regarding the Coronavirus on a daily basis. Currently Israel’s Ministry of Health has implemented entry restrictions for all travelers which now includes a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all those arriving as of 7pm March 9, 2020.  Birthright Israel trips scheduled for May have been postponed. All summer season trips scheduled to begin in June are continuing as planned pending the mandatory 14-day quarantine for international travelers being lifted. Should changes be necessary, we will notify the participants accordingly.

In the event that your trip is cancelled due to the Coronavirus, you will be offered the opportunity to change your trip date this summer, carry over your deposit to the next winter or summer season or receive a refund, whichever you prefer.

Birthright Israel allows you to cancel off a confirmed trip at least 65 days before departure without incurring any loss of your deposit. Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus we have extended the cancellation deadline (until further notice) to 35 days before your scheduled departure for June to September trips. If you change your mind 35 days or more before your scheduled flight, all you need to do is inform us in writing and ask for a refund of your deposit or that it be carried over to the winter or next summer season.

If you change your mind after the above deadline has passed (depending on your travel date) and all trips are happening as planned, your deposit will not be refunded.

Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, you are encouraged to purchase domestic flights with flexible cancellation policies. Birthright Israel will not compensate any domestic flight costs in the event your trip is cancelled.

For the summer season, flights from June until September are as scheduled, however, Birthright Israel will not be accepting flight extension requests until further notice.

Birthright Israel is in touch with Israel's Ministry of Health and is following the development of the Coronavirus on a daily basis. If there is a need for a group to become quarantined, we will cancel the arrival of additional groups until further notice and follow the orders of the Ministry of Health to do our best to get all participants home as soon as possible.