How Birthright Inspired Me to Launch a Fashion Brand


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How Birthright Israel Inspired Me to Launch a Fashion Brand

We recently had the chance to catch up with Birthright Israel alum Cameron Alpert.

Today, Cameron runs AKIVA STRIPE, a clothing brand which brilliantly blends Pop Culture and Jewish Iconography. The brand is at the intersection of where where ‘Jewishness’ and ‘Coolness’ collide. His journey to discover his unique style is an interesting one.

The following is our interview with Cameron himself.

Sachlav: So, Cameron how you feeling today?

Cameron: Feeling excellent! I’m getting ready to do bit of traveling which is always exciting, so mostly packing.

Sachlav: Tell me more about AKIVA STRIPE. Where did the name come from?

Cameron: Akiva is a cognate of my middle name, Jacob, and also one of my favorite Hebrew names. Akiva can also mean protector, which ultimately creates the idea of a protection stripe, a very culturally relevant theme. The name suddenly came to mind one day as I was driving.

Sachlav: Do you believe that the Jewish youth in America these days are “proud” to be Jewish?

Cameron: Absolutely, and its truly incredible to witness. Birthright has been so instrumental in allowing this incredible opportunity to forge a tangible connection with Israel, and as Drake says, “What a time…”

Sachlav: What’s your most popular design, and why do you think it’s so popular?

Cameron: Definitely the “Old-Soul” shirt. Its very recognizable. Its the combination of such iconic imagery coupled with abstract modern art. For me, its classic, and I wear it often.

Sachlav: Are Non-Jews also enjoying the brand?

Cameron: Definitely. AKIVA is absolutely a world-brand, and has allowed for Hebrew imagery to be displayed in the same method as say Japanese, and French in modern fashion; and in this case, streetwear.

Sachlav: What kind of new designs can we expect to see coming from AKIVA STRIPE?

Cameron: Some very minimalist streetwear designs, branded apparel, leggings, and new beanie designs are dropping before January!