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Humans of Birthright Israel: Natasha Rouchon

Every year Sachlav Birthright Israel brings thousands of young Jews from all over North America to Israel for a free 10 day trip.  As a non-denominational organization, Sachlav prides itself on bringing Jews from all different backgrounds together. Over the years, Sachlav has become known for its diversity and its unique participants including but not limited to movie stars, professional photographers and LGBTQ advocates.  It is this diversity that sparked the need for Humans of Birthright Israel! If your interested in going on a trip, SIGN UP HERE!

Meet Natasha Rouchon.  Natasha is a 19 year old YouTube personality and Instagram Influencer with over 13K followers from Los Angeles, California.  Natasha and her sister Alexa (also known as the ~Rouchon Sisters~) are passionate about fitness, travel and self love. Together they hope to bring positivity and good will to the world, as can be seen from their motto: Living is giving. Thanks Natasha for sharing your thoughts with us!  

Q: I see from your Instagram that you have quite the following with over 13K followers! How did you gain so many followers?


A: I gained so many followers by being myself! My goal is to be as authentic as possible and change as many lives as I can.


Q: Can you tell me about your life as an Instagram Influencer? How did you get started, what inspires you, what do you enjoy posting about and what are your goals?!  


A: I absolutely love being an Instagram Influencer! I love how I am able to be free and be able to connect with others on a deeper level by relating to different types of people. One day I just decided that I am going to post more and make my posts super interesting so that people would feel connected to me! I love posting about travel, self development, and health which are my 3 passions! My main goal is to create a personal brand for myself and grow it as much as possible. I want to touch people through my posts and show them a story with my pictures, words, and videos. Almost like they are living my journey with me.


Q: Can you tell me about about your travels.  Would you consider yourself a travel blogger or something along those lines? Where have you traveled?


A: Yes! I do consider myself a travel vlogger/blogger. I absolutely love traveling with all my heart. My favorite part is immersing myself in the culture and loving all the people that I possible can. I have traveled to about 25 countries so far and my goal is to hit 50 by the time I am 30! I have been to: Israel, Ghana, Kenya, Italy, Spain, Morocco, India, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Greece, China, Myanmar, Japan, Taiwan, England, France, Amsterdam, Germany, Dominican Republic, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Tanzania.


Q: Feel free to share any interests/hobbies that inspire you.


A: My goal is to go to countries that no one goes to and volunteer as much as I can to help with education reform and fight against poverty. I am also super interested in Health and Fitness. As a child, I was almost diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Today I make it a daily goal of mine to put foods into my body that will give me vital energy and a long lasting life.



Q: How is visiting Israel as a Instagram Influencer? Did you find anything that you could relate to or connect to?


A: Visiting Israel as an influencer was incredible! I was able to connect with so many people and give them suggestions on what to do in Israel. Each day that I discovered something new in Israel, either about myself or about the culture, I was able to share everything and anything with my followers!


Q: Why did you pick Sachlav IsraelontheHouse?


A: I picked Sachlav because it seemed the most appealing to me and I am so glad that I did!


Q: What was/is your connection to Israel and Judaism before your Birthright Israel trip? What was/is it now after your trip?


A: I have always wondered about my dad’s religion before this trip. When my grandfather was 16 years old he had to hide from the Nazis to save his life because of his religion. He always wanted me to travel to Israel and learn more about my heritage but I never had the chance until this trip.  He used to tell me stories about how when he was my age, he was hiding for his life andhad little to no freedom. This trip meant so much to the both of us and I am eternally grateful. He was so happy to be able to live through me.


Q: What impact has your Birthright Israel Sachlav IsraelontheHouse trip had on you?


A: I will never forget my amazing trip with Birthright Israel Sachlav IsraelontheHouse. It has helped change my views on Israel and Judaism forever!


Q: What were your three favorite things on your trip?


A: Three of my favorite things on the trip were: learning about Judaism, the people, and obviously the amazing shawarma and eggplant!


Q: Do you plan/hope to come back to Israel? If so, why?


A: It was my 2nd time in Israel and I would love to go back! I would love to even do an internship with Birthright, maybe sometime soon 🙂


Q: Would you recommend Sachlav IsraelontheHouse to a friend?


A: Of course! I now tell everyone I know who is eligible to go with  Sachlav IsraelontheHouse! Even strangers 🙂 Thank you again Sachlav!