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Health Insurance

Why do I need Health Insurance?

It is mandatory for all Birthright Israel participants to show proof of extended health insurance valid in Israel for the duration of the trip. This must cover you for pre-existing medical conditions overseas, general medical care overseas, medical emergencies overseas, and out of the ordinary activity related injuries. Without this, you will not be allowed to travel. If your policy does not cover you for all of the above, then we recommend you purchase a short term trip insurance policy.



I already have US medical insurance – will that cover me?

Some policies will, and some won’t. Different US medical insurance plans vary depending on the supplier, and many plans are limited to emergencies and urgent care outside of the states. This means that many will not cover pre-existing conditions, general medical care, or out of the ordinary activity related injuries outside of the U.S. Most health plans also don’t cover you for travel-specific issues, like lost luggage, flight delays and stolen property, which means you will need to purchase separate coverage for this. Another thing to consider is that Israeli hospitals generally don’t accept international policies, which means you will have to cover all medical costs upfront, and then claim for reimbursement once you return home.


I don’t have an extended health insurance policy – what now?

Sachlav IsraelontheHouse recommends purchasing your extended health insurance plan from CTAS Insurers. CTAS are an independent insurance company who work with many Birthright Israel organizers to bring you a fully inclusive insurance that complies with all Birthright Israel’s requirements. The cost is only $45, and it covers you for the entire 10 day trip. They are located in Israel, and know the language, hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies. Additionally, their plan ensures that you will not need to pay any deductibles, rather they pay for everything upfront. To purchase this plan please click the above ”Buy Insurance” button.


The CTAS plan includes the following:

    • Medical insurance in Israel with coverage for most Pre-existing conditions
    • Insurance in the case of lost, damaged or stolen baggage/personal items throughout the trip* (up to $800) *does not include luggage lost by airline
    • 24hr immediate assistance
    • Baggage delay compensation
    • No paying out of pocket
    • Optional cancellation insurance for coverage of domestic flight costs in case you miss the trip due to a personal illness, an immediate family medical emergency, a cancelled domestic flight or a delayed return flight to Israel
    • The policy only costs $45 (for a 10 day trip)
    • Click here to view the full policy


Please note, if you wish to purchase the CTAS insurance plan, you need to do so at least 10 days before your trip. If you purchase their policy less than 10 days before departure you will incur a $10 late fee.


What if i extend my stay in Israel?

We highly recommend that you extend your insurance too, or you won’t be covered. The charge is only an extra $3.80 a day in order to extend the policy. You can mark your return date on the CTAS form as you fill out your travel insurance.


Should I also purchase traveler’s insurance?

The CTAS policy covers you for a lot, but you should still consider the benefits of purchasing a separate traveler’s insurance plan. These plans typically cover the cost of lost and stolen baggage (including lost by the airline), loss of personal items up to a higher value, and more importantly cancelled flights due to delays, bad weather and other such reasons.