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Sim Card Rental

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You’re about to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, without much access to WiFi. 10 days away from home, doesn’t have to mean 10 days out of touch. If you want to keep in contact with friends & family while you’re on your Birthright Israel trip, we strongly recommend you rent a sim card before your departure. Upon arriving at the airport in Israel our trip staff will issue you with your sim card.

Stay in Touch in Israel for Only $50

OORDER SIM1rder your sim so that you can talk, tweet, post & tag as you travel! $50 includes: 10 days unlimited local & international incoming & outgoing calls, unlimited sms in Israel,  & 6GB data.

**Please make sure your phone is unlocked for use with an international sim.**

What’s the Deal?

The package we offer, is operated by Phone Away from Home, exclusively for Sachlav IsraelontheHouse participants. After shopping around, we’ve found them to offer the most calls, texts, and data at the cheapest rate.

Out of all the Birthright Israel trip providers, we are proud to offer our participants the cheapest & most comprehensive mobile package.

What if I Extend My Trip?

Your package will cover you for the entire period of your trip.  If you wish to extend your package, you will need to email or call 646-851-2256.