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Launch yourself into the most action-packed, fun and meaningful 10 days of your life.  Travel Israel for free – seize the adventure, explore the history, taste the culture, and delve into the traditions of this magnificent and ancient land on one of our legendary Birthright Israel trips.

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It’s a first for Birthright Israel! Next season we’re hosting  90% of our groups in trendy co-living apartments in Tel Aviv. Instead of the standard 3-in-a-room hostels, you’ll have a beautiful space to stretch out, privacy, free wifi, a kitchen, living room, laundry and Netflix. Some of our groups will also get 3 full days in Tel Aviv!




I made friends that I am going to be connected to for forever!
Natasha Rouchon, 19, Los Angeles
Most captivating and beautiful experience! I don't ever want to leave!
Sydney Lahowin, 20, Las Vegas
I loved traveling to Israel with new friends!
Lauren Kohn, 25, New York
I am a Jew, I am proud to be a Jew and I am home.
Joshua Hubbard, 23, Massachusetts
An unforgettable experience!
Tony Herscu, 22, Boca Raton
An incredible experience that I wish I could repeat over and over again!!
Emma Davidman, 23, Atlanta
My true introduction to everything Israel!
Joshua Ronen, 27, California
Birthright was an incredible experience that helped me understand myself!
Michael, 26, New York City
Definitely one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had!
Sonia Engman, 24, New Mexico
Truly one of the greatest experiences of my life!
Eric Dubnoff, 27, Greater New York Area
Everything happens for a reason. I couldn’t be happier that I went on this trip!
Perri Fuerst, 22
The magnetism between people & the land has exceeded my expectations!
Isaac, 26, Florida
A very heartwarming feeling being able to connect back to my roots...
Daniel, 22, NYC
I've grown as a person being around so many new people & cultures!
Shannon, 18, North Carolina
As a counselor it's amazing to see everyone become so fascinated with Israel!
Mitch, 24, NY
Hiking the mountains & learning about my heritage! Feels great to be home!
Jeffrey, 24, NY
I loved every moment of being in this beautiful country! Such an adventure!
Leora Aharon, 23, Connecticut
I'm so happy I've had this chance to get in touch with my Jewish roots!
Sapoura Souferi, 19, NY
Coming on this trip was a great idea! So far it's been an amazing experience!
Dennis & Karina, 20, Brooklyn
I met Jewish peers I'm happy to call friends! I feel totally at home!
Kayla Claire, 22, New Hampshire
Absolutely life changing and insanely fun! I will be back you can count on it!
Sharon Yerushalmy, 26, New York
Thank you for arranging my family to be at my Bat Mitzvah, it was incredible!
Elyssa Eisenberg, 21, Connecticut
I had the best time ever with Israel on the House - Can’t wait to get back!
John Smith, 27, New York
I became connected to something much bigger. I can't thank you enough!!
Jess Cohen, 24, Miami